The glorious history of Olefia traces back to 2011 when a far-sighted vision lighted the torch to bring happiness in everyone’s life.

The group’s strength was further bolstered by Mr. Sachin Mittal, a young energetic pharmacy graduate who brought Olefia Biopharma Limited to India. This young energetic visionary entered into multiple business agreements & arrangements and jointly stepped-in to our country with strength of management from France, Singapore and Australia.

His affection for home country coupled with a vision of providing wellness to all brought Mr. Sachin Mittal back from Germany with a keen resolve to enrich lives with good health through his global healthcare industry experience.

With an objective to produce high quality products with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, the history of Olefia has clocked many benchmarks standing atop with the best technological practices apart from following a continuous learning curve through carefully installed knowledge management tools.

Driven by a passion to bring quality healthcare & consumer products within the reach of every family and individual, the group holds a legacy of innovations, patents, and an eventful expansion period.

Olefia Biopharma Limited is one of most dynamic organizations, involved in manufacturing pharmaceutical formulations marketing its products in India as well as worldwide. Olefia has been pursuing its primary mission to provide quality healthcare to ailing millions across the globe at an affordable cost. “Where there is will there is way” is the ground principle for us and based on this principle. Olefia is working today as diverse company of the future. We can make a difference by taking up a cause that we are passionate about. Olefia is dedicated to the development and supply of innovative products to bring a healthier and happy life for all.

We undertake our quest of improving the quality of human life with enthusiasm and perfection. Our vision for the future is powered by our business drivers. It finds purpose and direction with our strategic intent. It is guided by our corporate culture that places people and capabilities as the pivot that changes and transforms situations.

The company has a good blend of well trained, expert and enthusiastic peoples working in full synergy with knowledgeable technology visionaries.

Our business environment is dynamic, exemplified by a high degree of competition and rapid technological advances. Success in such a situation demands that we continuously challenge ourselves to reach superior levels of individual and collective performance. We believe that achievement of organizational objectives leads to meeting individual’s career aspirations.

In an ever-changing marketplace, pharmaceutical companies across the world are challenged to stay competitive, differentiated and profitable. At Olefia, we believe that the commercial model is the new source of competitive advantage for Pharma companies. We enable efficiencies in commercialization through the use of analytics for informed decision-making. We are uniquely positioned to build this competitive advantage for our customers as we bring together distinct capabilities that are a challenge for others to emulate.

At Olefia, we bring together multiple expertises through our enhanced commercialization strategies.