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    Aafiya UnaniSyrup Formulation For Female Uterine Problems, leukorrhea

    Aafiya UnaniSyrup Formulation For Female Uterine Problems, leukorrhea

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    In Present to due to work load and stress, some time women are unable to manage co-ordination between work & health properly, thus their reproductive cycle or natural biological clock is affected that increases possible risk of diseases. Many complications develop in normal body rhythm due to workload and Stress, use of excess medicines, physical inactivity, hurried and worried life & insufficient sleeping time etc; thus it results disturbed women natural bio-logical clock and imbalanced normal physiology of the body as well as hormone level.

    The outcome of this lifestyle leads many disorders, which is a major problem worldwide. Negligence of their health and ignorance towards natural rhythm badly affects the balance of hormones that plays a vital role in women’s body. Ultimately, all these disturbs the normal body physiology that leads to many disorders in female reproductive health like menstrual disorders such as heavy & scanty bleeding, lack of proper menstruation, painful menstruation, post-menopausal syndrome, and ovulation disorders, white discharges, ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids etc. All these effects develop secondary problems like weakness, anaemia, tiredness, body pain, headache, depression, obesity and other severe health complications. Aafiya has been specifically designed to promote excellent health and beauty of women, promotes blood purification, glowing of a skin, acne free skin, maintaining body shape etc.

    Aafiya  syrup is made specifically to support the female reproductive system, reproductive glands and organs. Its special herbal extract supports menstrual and pre-menstrual health and comfort, for women who have difficulty during their menstrual cycle.

    This product is suitable for all women, It is also suitable for helping those who have irregular, difficult or painful periods. Its natural astringent properties tighten, rejuvenating and beautify the skin. It gives vitality to the uterus and its layers.

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