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    "Enriching lives globally, with quality & affordable pharmaceuticals".

    To provide quality health care product at an affordable prices driven by highest standard of ethics & human values unparalleled growth & obsession to make the best better will lead needs to the forefront of the pharmaceutical industries in India with presence across the globe


    Be a global healthcare player with an excellent marketing & distribution network.

    Develop world class manufacturing facilities, through excellence in technology based.

    Establishment of a corporate brand & through the creation of original customer value.

    Establishment of a strong & flexible business quality through the promotion of a network-type group management.

    Enhancement of corporate value & the appropriate & timely disclosure of information.

    Compliance with internal & external laws & the spirit of such laws & the implementation of open & fair business activity.


    Olefia Biopharma Limited is one of most dynamic organizations, involved in manufacturing pharmaceutical formulations marketing its products in India as well as worldwide. Olefia has been pursuing its primary mission to provide quality healthcare to ailing millions across the globe at an affordable cost. “Where there is will there is way” is the ground principle for us and based on this principle. Olefia is working today as diverse company of the future. We can make a difference by taking up a cause that we are passionate about. Olefia is dedicated to the development and supply of innovative products to bring a healthier and happy life for all.

     We undertake our quest of improving the quality of human life with enthusiasm and perfection. Our vision for the future is powered by our business drivers. It finds purpose and direction with our strategic intent. It is guided by our corporate culture that places people and capabilities as the pivot that changes and transforms situations.

    The company has a good blend of well trained, expert and enthusiastic peoples working in full synergy with knowledgeable technology visionaries.


    Our business environment is dynamic, exemplified by a high degree of competition and rapid technological advances. Success in such a situation demands that we continuously challenge ourselves to reach superior levels of individual and collective performance. We believe that achievement of organizational objectives leads to meeting individual’s career aspirations.


    In an ever-changing marketplace, pharmaceutical companies across the world are challenged to stay competitive, differentiated and profitable. At Olefia, we believe that the commercial model is the new source of competitive advantage for Pharma companies. We enable efficiencies in commercialization through the use of analytics for informed decision-making. We are uniquely positioned to build this competitive advantage for our customers as we bring together distinct capabilities that are a challenge for others to emulate.

     At Olefia, we bring together multiple expertises through our enhanced commercialization strategies




    The promise of well-being,  - A legacy of care…….

    The glorious history of Olefia traces back to 2011 when a far-sighted vision lighted the torch to bring happiness in everyone’s life.

    The group’s strength was further bolstered by Mr. Sachin Mittal, a young energetic pharmacy graduate who brought Olefia Biopharma Limited to India. This young energetic visionary entered into multiple business agreements & arrangements and jointly stepped-in to our country with strength of management from Paris, Singapore and Australia.


    His affection to country and with a promise of wellness to all, Mr. Sachin Mittal came back from Germany and brought various technical & financial skills from globe.


    With an objective to produce utmost Quality products at State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, the history laid down many benchmarks where Olefia stood on the top apart from various multiple & continuous achievements.


    Driven by a passion to bring quality healthcare & consumer products within every Citizen’s reach, the group ever since had an eventful expansion period.


    Conceptualized by an enthusiastic entrepreneur Olefia climbed the toughest mountains and surely brought happiness to everyone’s life.



    Quality Management System

    Olefia Biopharma Ltd. matches the GMP standards set by WHO and ISO-9001:2000 Well-established Quality Management System in the organization including identification and control of requisite documentation and records.

    The purpose of the Quality Management System is to ensure compliance of cGMP requirements as enforced by National and International Regulatory bodies. The Quality Management system ensure that all activities related to manufacturing of Drug Products in compliance with cGMP are controlled by Standard Operating Procedures, so that the end product meets all the Predefined Specifications ensuring the identity, strength, safety & purity of the Products.

    Quality Management system controls the all operative and support system by the following elements.


    Audit programs

    All departments are audited internally for cGMP / cGLP compliance. The audit is conducted by an audit team comprising of competent persons from different departments, other than the department to be audited. The audit is carried out as per the SOP for self-inspection & audit reports recorded in a defined format.

    Audit finding reports are made for which the concern department makes the compliance report. And the copy of it is sent to the Head Technical Operations for his review & comments.


    Vendor Assessment / Development


    Vendors of all active pharmaceutical ingredient as well as excipients and packaging materials are assessed by Material specification, Vendor pre purchase sample evaluation, vendor trial order for stability batches, Vendor approval and certifications etc.

    Release of finished product for sale and distribution


    After completion of batch manufacturing, packing and testing activity, Quality Assurance review the batch manufacturing, batch testing and batch packing record thoroughly along with all the process supporting documents. After confirming all the parameters found to meet standard Quality Assurance Manager Quality Assurance issue Batch Release Certificate to the distribution department to sale and distribute the batch.


    Approval and Rejection of Raw and Packing Material

    Each consignment of material received initially examined by visually inspection to check the container condition is intact damaged proper labeling.

    On verification of quality received and batch wise segregation, the details of receipts are entered in inward register and the Goods Receipt Note (GRN) is generated with unique serial number.

    All the containers are placed in designated area labeled as QUARANTINE/ under TEST with details of GRN No. of containers, manufacturer name, and material code No. etc.

    Samples are drawn and analyzed as per sampling plan for active material all 100% containers to be sampled and for excipient Ö n+1 container taken for sampling after, sampling the sample analyzed as per established specification and then it decided that material meet to specification or not.

    If material found meet to specification it labeled as “ APPROVED” and in case the material not meet the specification with respect to any parameter it labeled as “REJECTED” and kept separately specified REJECTED AREA the access of rejected area control by Quality Assurance Head. All packaging materials are handled as same as for raw material.


    Control of Manufacturing Operations

    Dispensing of raw and packing material is done as per SOP on FEFO and FIFO principle.

     What you deserve

                                                It's all about life!


                                   “Life is the sum of all your choices”


    The groundwork of all happiness is health and beauty. Without these, life is not life; it is only a state of languor and suffering.

    “Life is the sum of all your choices” so you deserve health, beauty, fitness, wellness, harmony, and success. We believe you deserve to get the most out of life and that even small changes can make a big difference!

    As your wellness partners, we promote and support your self-empowerment and ability to create, maintain & sustain healthy, beautiful & harmonic life.  We are committed to your all aspirations of this challenging life.

    To the world you might be one person, but to us, you are the world.

    Life is indeed beautiful for those who know how to live, and in the end, it's not the years in your life that count, it's the life in your years.

    We encourage you to rediscover yourself and in fact to purport out your real beauty which is inherited in your DNA.


                           "Life is not merely being alive, but being well & beautiful

     “Through our commitment to continuous improvement, we will meet both customers & professional’s satisfaction in the global market with best quality services & products”.


    Our relentless quest towards quality, commitment, excellence & pride is never ending & our success has continued unabated.


    We shall live in harmony with society & our customers; together so we create new values through the provision of original service; & we shall contribute to the medical care & well-being of people around the world.


    A hard work alone cannot guarantee success, though it is an essential component in the recepie of success. To get success our mission will be based on hard work, diligence, sincerity & honesty which are backed by intelligence planning, organizational & management skills.


    It is important to do things right way to forge a synergy of thoughts & action. There may be a hiatus between power & finance, ability & action but it will not be an obstacle in our mission.




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