Soft glow Cream - Feeling More Youthful

    Soft glow Cream is an excellent blend of gentle agent which cleanses and removes excess pigmentation, scars, oil & bacteria which lighten and smooth the skin. It also works in all inflammatory disorders of face skin. Soft glow Cream has proved to be good for prevention of Melasma (dark pigmentation), acne vulgaris, skin blemishes, stretch marks and other normal problems of facial problems. Soft glow Cream is a topical cream containing ingredients work together to treat Melasma, swelling, itchiness and various other skin disorder conditions. With appropriate use Soft glow Cream also removes dead skin cells so that your complexion looks fresh and radiant. Soft glow Cream regular use is beneficial for treatment of hyper- pigmentation, black spots and acne marks.

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    Provides extra shining , fairness & Anti Marks

    Soft glow Soap contains Honey, Milk , Vitamin E, Grape Extract, Tamarind Extract, Rose Oil & Lime Oil for Radiant and glowing skin. Soft Glow Soap is an excellent blend of gentle cleansing agents which cleans and removes excess dirt, Oil and microbial growth. Soft glow anti-acne and Oil control skin formula keeps your skin glowing with excellent glowing effect.
    Added Milk works as effective facial cleanser lightens skin tan, natural way to get rid of dry and dead skin, giving you soft skin.

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